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Yavvy funnels revolve around you, to make sure you perform and inturn your business performs

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Immense productivity from immense focus
No distractions; every user gets his own personlised work funnels
More empowerment to act and get things moving
An always-be-closing culture
Continous benchmarking continous improvement
Targets and success factors are contantly in view and focus
Benchmark & improve performance across people, functions, business processes
Awesome analytics to discover system wide problems and issues
Reduce leakages, improve ROI on all investments
Close deals quicker, complete orders faster, get paid on time
Identify non-performers, be it opportunities, customers, employees etc Get resourceful
Easy to understand costs and revenue structures including cash flow, fund flows etc
Automate paperwork. Find time for the important stuff
Automated end-to-end administration leads to better focus on things that matter
Automated information flows so that you don't waste time in chasing people
Move from being tactical to being strategic
Get professional, Act professional, Look professional
Awesome templates, email reminders and quick information flow to your customers
Solve queries quicker, have information on your finger clicks
Automate acknowledgements like invoices, receipts, order confirmations etc
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