Integrated apps for end-to-end business solutions

We picked the most critical business processes and built apps to run them efficiently

Yavvy Business Apps
Yavvy CRM to drive your sales funnel
Yavvy CRM packs all the tools you need to convert leads into orders. With a personal sales-funnel for every sales-man, there is a singular focus on tracking leads and closing deals.

With expense management, targets & KPIs, on-going performance management, this is one CRM that doesn't waste your time. Explore Yavvy CRM →
ERP that streamlines the delivery funnel
Be it projects or products, Yavvy ERP makes it easier to manage delivery. Running the orders funnel Yavvy ERP manages stock, inventory, timesheets, invoicing and everything in between to help you track and deliver goods and services.

Run a super streamlined back-office that delivers business growth. Explore Yavvy ERP →
A payment funnel that gets you paid on time
Cash-flow calendars, Payment reminders, A/P & A/R management & everything else to manage money. Yavvy ERP runs a payment & receipts funnel tracking cash-flows across not-due, overdue & paid life cycle.

Hasslefree payables and receivables management with Yavvy ERP. Explore Yavvy ERP →
And all along the way..
Analytics to help the decision funnel
Get business-wide insights with Yavvy Analytics. It automatically transforms everyday transactions into business intelligence that tells you what' stuck Explore Yavvy Analytics →
Yavvy HRIS to drive individual productivity
Lean HR tool that keeps your people focused on their primary funnels. Yavvy HRIS takes care of the paperwork; the administrative stuff and anything else that might distract. It's like a personal assistant for every employee Explore Yavvy HRIS →
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