Stock and inventory management that happens by itself

Chasing material movement with mathematical precision

Order and Billing
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Flexible stores & warehouse management

Be it an internal store, a remote warehouses or stationary cabinet; you can run it with intuitive ease. How much do you store and where all
You've setup the stores,
now add the stock

You buy, we increase; You sell, we decrease

And we do the same thing when there is a purchase return, or a sales return, or damaged goods or scrap or any of the dozen other transactions. We're good with numbers
and we document each
of these transactions

All the transactions to move material around

Stock transfer notes, invoices, shipping documents, Issue requests, Issue notes. With Yavvy its simple to capture the smallest transaction within your stock and inventory cycles
Analyze these stock
& inventory transactions

Issue and Reciept analytics by stores, departments, people

Who is requesting the most goods? Where is it getting issued? Stock movements, store-wise consumption and dozen of other insightful analytics around your stock and inventory numbers.
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