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Allocate payments to knock-off individual invoices

When you add your payments or receipts in Yavvy, it automatically prompts you to allocate these payments to individual invoices
just as easily
manage exceptions

Short-Payments, Withholding Taxes and other complexities conquered

It usually gets trickier when the payments don’t match the outstanding; which is why we made it easier to enter short payments and other deductions. When it comes to money, we ensure you record everything
And know the
exception makers

Customer & Supplier payment history & performance

If you can only reduce 3 days from all your delayed payments, chances are, it’ll add a substantial amount to your top-line. We’ve made it easy for you to track customers who don’t pay on time
Track cash flows
by the day

Payment ageing, Cash-flow calendars & other analytics

We also rolled out the big-guns to ensure you get paid on time. Its just a lot easier for your collection team to look at the calendar and tell someone his payment due date. Just tell them you need a clean calendar
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