It's like a bank for your data

Some of the ways we employ to safeguard your data

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Encrypted data in an encoded data architecture
Our product designers come with a background in banking & credit card applications. They built yavvy's data security on the same principles that power banks data security
We encrypted and encoded your data to make it virtually unreadable without the algorithms
Daily backups
Your data is backed up everyday
All backups themselves are also encrypted to ensure data security
No data lock-in, No data sharing
Your data is yours alone
You can download your data anytime using our APIs or export options
We do not share data with anyone unless you have specifically approved it
Restricted access to any and all data
We restrict access of backend and databases to only the senior-most people in the company
Even our support staff does not have access to your data
Data privacy and access control rights for the user
We have role based access to limit which all data can a user access
Private & Public restriction on different data and records within the system
Quick glance about our data practices
Our datacenter & cloud infrastructure
Amazon Web Services (EC2 / S3)
Data-backup schedule
Daily data backups
People with direct access to databases & backend
Only the CEO and the CTO
No of different access roles per application
Your privacy is important to us. We don't share your data with anyone
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