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Calendar integration, tasks & followup reminders that don't let your sales funnel leak

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We'll remind you who you haven't spoken to & who you have to
It's like your very own personal assistant; we'll manage your appointment, we'll remind you why and who you need to speak to! And we'll keep telling you about those whom you have't spoken to in a while
and we'll track your
Calendar integration with Outlook, Google & others
You can send out your meeting invites from within the CRM itself. Also, we'll sync up these meeting invites with your favourite calendar application
and remind you
with alerts
Email, SMS and desktop alerts
Multiple ways to send alerts and reminders to keeps the feet on street efficient. Because a lost follow-up could end up as a lost opportunity.
and at the end of
the day
Pending & missed followup analytics
Who missed their follow-ups, who did not close a appointment, who usually slips. Analytics and reports that help you track follow-up compliance
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