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Get instant view of your sales funnel, know who's stuck and why
Yavvy let's you know exactly what your personal sales funnel looks like. Such dynamic view of your funnel, drives you to move your opportunities every day, every minute
made it easier
to take action
Drag and drop opportunities across sales-stages
Yavvy is so simple you'll love to get your sales-funnel flowing. Simply drag and drop opportunities across stages, or across funnels. View individual or team funnels from the same page
and easier still to
update leads
Quick interactions & updates for painless data entry
Clickable milestones, quick interaction buttons and other smarter ways to ensure that you don't lose time in updating a lead. With Yavvy, it's easier than ever to stay on top of your sales funnel
stay focused across
multiple funnels
Keep the most important leads sharply in your focus
It's easier than ever to keep your most important leads in sharp focus. Use it to build your pipeline or share it with others
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