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Yavvy makes it easy to store and target specific customer profiles

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Customer profile templates to suite your needs
Yavvy offers numerous customer profile fields and templates which help you organise and store important information about the one's you do business with
but we still keep your
view uncluttered
Keep your profile forms small, choose what you need
Its important to keep your views uncluttered and your forms short. Yavvy offers you the ability to choose prospect profiles
search on fields,
sort on data
Search and filter on specific profile data
Select and target specific customer profiles. Bunch them up in specific categories. Choose from historic and current data. Yavvy makes it easy to select and target
run sales & marketing
Run campaigns specifically suited to certain customer profiles
It's easier to sell when you know whom you are selling to and what they are likely to buy. Yavvy helps you run campaigns specifically suited to certain target profiles
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