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Simply bcc emails to yavvy & we'll add them to the conversation
Every user on Yavvy gets a personal email dropbox. Simply forward emails to that and you'll find those emails as part of the ongoing conversation
or you could also use
one of our add-ons
Outlook ™& other add-ons to send emails into crm with a click
If you are using Outlook, we make it easier for you to upload your emails. It's a zero hassle way to add your emails to CRM
and for those regular,
standard emails
Templatised emails to send newsletters, brochures
Product brochures, follow-up emails, standard newsletters? Keep your leads interested with the templatised emails and curated content
and makes it easier for
your leads to reach you
Direct-response tags in emails to get your lead's response directly in your funnel
Put a special link in each email, which when the client clicks, it'll automatically be tracked within your funnel. Respond quickly to your client's responses
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