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Yavvy funnels make it easy & simple to create sales process workflows

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Before you sell, define how to sell

Yavvy CRM offers a fully configurable workflow engine that let's you define pre-sales and post-sales workflows. What's more it allows you to define instructions about how to do stuff.
add specific outcomes to
your sales steps

Work with milestone sales steps like demos, trials, proposals

Every sales process has some milestone activities and Yavvy CRM makes it super easy for every one to define these milestone sales-steps
test it, tweak it
improve it

Order, Re-order, tweak and better your sales process

Reorder your funnel anytime, add or remove stages, Run a sales process that delivers results !
build up on best

Don't want to define one? pick one of our pre-defined sales process

That's right! You can choose from one of our public funnels flows and pick up on all the best practices for your industry and your target customer
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