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Yavvy offers solutions that work, for you, the way you want them to, at costs you'd be happy to pay

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We don't avoid complexity, we conquer it
Really powerful, feature rich applications
Comprehensive suite for end-to-end solutions
Configurably, customisable to suit your specific needs
Better, tighter integration that drives collaboration
Build process flows that cut across functions and across departments
Consolidate & correlate information from every corner of your business
Downstream and Upstream impact analysis that proactively prevents errors
Smarter business wide Intelligence & Analytics
Smarter dashboards that crunch data from across functions
Dig deeper. Track user-wise, date-wise, event-wise & other parameter performances
Correlate internal and external analytics, download to spreadsheets for further analysis
Clean & clutter-free user experience
Easy to understand and actionable user interface
Less data entry, more data sharing
Drag and drop everything
Super support that powers uninterrupted business
Solution Advisors who love to get into the
nitty-gritty of your specific business
Proactive upgrades for the ever changing business scenarios
Android & mobile apps to keep you connected while you are on the move
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