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Why should you be tech savvy? Why shouldn't technology be You Savvy!!

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The Yavvy Story
We wanted to build an educational application; we even got ourselves a domain called Instead, we built a business application; infact we were forced to build this business application Read the full story »
Values that guide our decisions
A company has to take countless descisions every day, on good days, on bad days, on buoyant days and on desperate days. How do we ensure that our decisions remain consitent.

It is our values that guide us, that help us remain true and honest to our mission and to our identity Read more »
Quick facts
We eat our own dog-food
We are always the first users of our products. If it doesn't work for us, we don't sell to others
Our interview to hire ratio is 0.14%
We lay far more stress on the attitude; and we don't compromise on the aptitude
We are a cloud company
We love the space we are in. The speed of distruptive innovations in the cloud & IT space excites us
Karan Yadav
A masters in computer application, Karan develops our mobile and peripheral applications. Besides coding, he loves sports and cricket in particular
Shweta Bhardwaj
Our yoga afficinoado spends most of her time supporting user queries and training users on yavvy features. She also contributes actively to UX design
Vikram Bahl
Our original funnel dweller takes care of product and marketing. He codes, does accounting, writes our blog and is responsible for overall business strategy
Navin Kumar Singh
This techy also doubles up as an implementation & solutions expert. From textile shop-floors to telecaller offices, Navin loves operating at the ground-level
Rashmi Anand
The core funnel dweller, Rashmi is our hacker-par-excellence. Her outstanding design sense has shaped some of Yavvy's awesome User experiences
Ravindra Singh
Chief hacker and core funnel dweller, Ravi is our inhouse gadget guru. A quick learner, he exposes the rest of us to the latest & greatest in the tech world
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